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Welcome to "nouveau monde", sort of a "nouveau genre" newsletter to better understand how to make the world better through the lens of retail. This is #12!

This week in “nouveau monde”, you will understand that shopping “green” is important, but don’t forget that you can save “green” as well. And also share the how the music industry is making its sustainable revolution.

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Buy green, save green

by Phil

I was sharing last week the various actors of the capitalism loop considering ESG as part of their core objectives. Last year, the two co-founders of Ada Ventures, founded in 2018, aiming to invest in diverse founders tacking societal problems, was announcing a $50 millions fund. Having both of them mostly a short experience in finance and investment, they’ve been able to capture this money from Big Society Capital, an independent social investment institution in the United Kingdom which provides finance to organizations that support front-line social sector entities to help them grow and the British Business Bank, a state-owned economic development bank established by the UK Government

Ada Ventures want to invest in the best talent in the UK and Europe, regardless of race, gender or background, with the specific aim of “creating the most diverse pipeline, and portfolio, on the continent”, while tackling issues including mental health, obesity, workers rights and affordable childcare.

So far so good. Now the sustainable part of the story.

Ada Ventures invested in Tickr, an app that allows U.K. consumers to make financial investments based on their impact on society and the environment, with £2.5 million ($3.4 million). “The platform allows customers to spend their cash via partnerships with impact-oriented compares, and offset their carbon footprint through a subscription. The core business model is £1 p/m per customer, plus 0.30% on assets above £3,000. Additional products, like carbon offsets, for example, are charged as a separate additional subscription depending on the tier selected”, says Techcrunch.

What do you think? Would you participate?

“The startup says it is approaching 100,000 users in the U.K. and is reaching a millennial audience, 90% of which have “never invested before” (they say) and these users are investing £250 per month on average.”

I guess the young generations are eager to care about the company they buy from when it comes to grocery shopping, apparel and stuff. But how to prepare your future then and start saving some money: want to care?

Music Industry Shift

by Anthony

Every industry should make its self analysis and see what’s not turning round in its operations.

Music is on its trend to work on it...

A lot of individuals or bands already have committed to take action : putting their art at the service of climatic issues.

But also taking real actions : a few months before the pandemic - and thus being forced to do so - Coldplay had decided to cancel its tour because it felt it was not sustainable and was trying to find a new and more ecological way to play live worldwide without harming - too much - the planet.

And, as you can see, the main problem is not for artists to take planes all over the tour but the largest impact is for venues and people travelling to the show

And before the pandemic, music tours generated 405 000 tons of CO2 every year, that’s a pretty big figure… To put that in perspective, U2 tour of 2009 needed 120 trucks and had the asme footprint of a way back from Mars (when we’ll get there).

During the same time, a movement called "Music Declares Emergency as also risen, still from the UK. Their claim ?

Thom Yorke and many other artists have taken pledge to take action for the planet.

And that's what is interesting with music : it is an art and therefore has the power to change people's mind.

I already wrote about it (here, in french) as I'm pretty sure that we need to understand deep in our heart and body to really understand what's going on and really make a shift.

So, why do I talk about music in a newsletter dedicated to retail ? Well, I really believe that every industry should make its on path, starting with calculating its own positive and negative impact and start taking action !

By the way, this newsletter is called “nouveau monde” on behalf of one of Rone's track (a french electronic producer) that I really recommend called... Nouveau Monde and as I really believe that music is important, you also realized that we like to play a track at the end of each of our letter, related to our content. I just added them on a Spotify playlist, enjoy !

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