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In this newsletter, Phil and Anthony deep dive in retailers and startups innovations that will help make the world better !

A little background for you dear audience there : Phil and Anthony met in 2016 while they were both working for a company dedicated to help retail businesses innovate. They took different directions but could not stand not having any project together, they are still interested in these type of topics and they love to share some stories about it.

Every week, they go deep on a some specific topics, Phil with its lens of no BS and Anthony (the geek guy in the gang) will talk about how it impacts climate change. Please subscribe to get fresh news on your inboxand get full access to the newsletter and website !

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Phil Jeudy
Homme d'un ancien monde curieux de voir que que serait le nouveau monde
Anthony Puech
Ante-millenial geek concerned about our future. Starting Mestawet to help companies build smart positive impacts projects www.mestawet.fr